Being on Mission Deep 4,5 + 1 days Open Enrollment

Being on Mission Deep 4,5 + 1 days Open Enrollment

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Are you looking for clarity and deepening at the same time?

Choose the Deep variant:

  • 4,5 days incl. 4 overnight stays + 1 day after 2 months.
    • Start day 1 around 4 pm, an informal getting to know each other, some time to “land” and find out the questions and expectations of your fellow participants  during some drinks and small food.
    • Closure day 5 around 4 pm
    • A 6th day after 2 months to give an extra boost on your insights and experience so far. From 9am to 4pm
  • In the “Deep” you formulate your mission statement based on your core values  and you create a concrete plan reagrding the steps you need to take to embody your vision, just as in the “Regular.” But the ‘Deep’ takes you to the unconscious levels of behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs that might block you to actualize your vision and mission. Removing these limitations will clear your path and help you to use your potential in creating the results that you want.


October 2018        Deep

  • Start Tuesday October 9th at 6pm
  • Closure Saturday October 13th at 4pm
  • Follow up day Wednesday December 19th from 9 am till 4pm
  • By Freek de Lang and Nicole Loeffen

November 2018     Deep

  • Start Sunday November 4th at 6am
  • Closure Thursday November 8th  at 4am
  • Follow up day Tuesday January 8th from 9am to 4pm
  • By Sanne van den Bergh and Nicole Loeffen


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